Oleminen ja tekeminen 14.10.2018
Doing and Living 14.10.2018

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Säröilevä algoritmi 14.9.2017

Kirjoitin tekstin pohtiakseni järjestyksen ja epäjärjestyksen oikeaa suhdetta ihmisten arjessa. Suunnitellussa toiminnassa, järjestetyissä toimintaketjuissa ja erilaisissa prosesseissa voidaan termipari määritellä myös esimerkein – algoritmi vastaan särö. Näiden kahden vastakkaisen termin tasapainoa voisi kutsua säröileväksi algoritmiksi.
Pro gradu -tutkielma, master's thesis 2015

How do we measure the imaginative of everyday? 
My master’s thesis is concerned with practical everyday activities within the scope of commercial processes, and with the methods available to us in measuring the value created by these processes. The topic is important due to the profound effect it has on our lives and experiences – especially on the non-perceptual level. It seems we have a set of various preconceived imaginative prejudices about the commercial world that are not completely justified upon closer inspection.  

I combined commercial processes with relevant aspects of pragmatist aesthetics’ theory. The aesthetics perspective illuminates the commercial world in a new light. For example, following John Dewey’s lead, I named commercial practices as rituals and separated them from the measuring skills we use to shape the world around us. Both aspects might be seen as tools we utilize to operate within our world. In my thesis I brought these issues under consideration.
It is not easy to concretize imaginative features i.e. the method to measure the tangible objects differs from non-tangible valuables. At first, we should understand how we recognize the aesthetically valuable experiences of everyday life. In my findings our ability to learn is another important skill to be considered. Non-tangible things like energy, interaction, disorder, rupture and solution are far different than time, quantity of objects, and materials the commercial world is adept at measuring. After all, in its processes, like in life in general, anything truly valuable is mostly built from elements that are abstract and imaginative.